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The sluggishness of the Rovuma Gas Project flow bewilders Palma communities

What is the current stage of the Project? What follows and when?

The slowdown of the pace of activities relating to social integration of Afungi peninsula communities in Palma district for the construction of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant has confused the locals, causing speculations among the various clusters, as well as suspicions over the local government and the American company, Anadarko.

Following a period of heavy public consultations concerning the environmental impact, in particular during 2013 and 2014, the parties concerned registered the locals and their belongings to work out the compensations due. Furthermore, for the last two years the affected communities’ resettlement pace has slowed down. During this period there have been negotiations between Anadarko and the Government concerning the issue of the environmental license, the master document through which the Government will approve the LNG Plant Project in Afungi Peninsula. Anadarko in turn has reported that the financial resources mobilization process and partnerships towards the final approval of the required funding is at an advanced stage.

Meanwhile, the project sites are located within the various villages near the town of Quitupo where the plant will be built, and the communities that are directly or indirectly affected have expressed great anxiety due to Government/Anadarko inability to predict clearly their future in the short and medium term.

The major issues that have fuelled speculations and uncertainties can be summarized in three categories, including: the timeframe and the process of compensations to be paid to those who will lose their properties to provide for the construction of the LNG plant; the guarantee of being allocated enough fertile land, as well as other conditions for the families who will be moved in from their places of origin to resume their sustainable living, and finally, knowing that the Quitupo community will be resettled in Quitanda village, the residents of the latter locality, in the capacity of host community expect to receive guarantees of “social peace” and socio-economic benefits.

A team from SEKELELANI has recently worked in some communities of that peninsula, including Senga, Quitupo and Malemba 1 with a view to collecting reliable and updated data on the above issues.

The sluggishness of the Rovuma Gas Project flow bewilders Palma communities (PDF)