Natural Resouces and Extractive Industry

Moma communities render Kenmare public consultation unfeasible

On the 23rd of March, five communities from the Moma district in Nampula province thwarted a public consultation on the environmental impact of a heavy sand exploration area expansion project planned by the Irish company, Kenmare.

The Pilivili Seat communities, such as Mpuitine, Muholone, Epwiri and Namaize met at the seat of Pilivili locality to discuss the feasibility of this project in that region, in an extension of 17 kilometers on the coastline, from Tophuito to the Moma district seat.

According to Kenmare representatives, the Environmental Impact Study initially focused on surveying the diverse types of vegetation and animal life as well as other natural resources, including marine resources.

However, the community consultation was interrupted inconclusively in view of protests by representatives of the five communities who demanded better communication conditions and greater transparency in consultations. The population started by protesting against the communication process, where the consultants spoke in English, then translated into Portuguese and finally into Emakwa, and vice versa, for questions raised by community members. This process impaired the community participation given that the gist of the matter at issue was lost during the interpreting process.

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