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Impacts of ruby mining on women and girls in Namanhumbir

The mining of the ruby, one of the most precious and coveted stones in the world, in Namanhumbir, District of Montepuez, Cabo Delgado Province, is still far from benefiting local women, girls and children.

Over six consecutive ruby auctions carried out abroad in the last four years, Gem fields, the company holding 75% of shares in Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) had a profit totalling 195 million dollars, but without any real improvement in women’s living conditions and the local community in general. Conversely, for women and most member of the local community this precious stone bears the features of a curse that usurps their farmland and promotes the disintegration of households.

A research team from SEKELEKANI went to the mining area with a question: what is the impact of the ruby mining on women in Namanhumbir? The answer drives us to a poor locality from the North of Mozambique that was changed into a destination sought by legions of citizens from a variety of nationalities and that due to circulation of high sums of “live” money, it socially destabilize the local community, destroying families, causing divorces, early marriages and prostitution, aggravating the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Impacts of ruby mining on women and girls in Namanhumbir (PDF)