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CIVILINFO (Agência de Informação da Sociedade Civil) is a not-for-profit Civil Society News Agency created by the Communication Studies and Research Centre SEKELEKANI, with the mission of collecting, processing and disseminating information of general interest, addressing issues of human rights and social justice, both of national and international dimensions.

In pursuit of its mission, CIVILINFO privileges the collection and dissemination of news on issues, achievements and results of studies and quality research, carried out by civil society organizations, the media, active citizens and local communities.

CIVILINFO aims to promote the circulation of information and knowledge in multiple directions, involving different target audiences, including women, youth and marginalized communities in rural and suburban areas, through exploring the potential for interactivity provided by different communication platforms.

CIVILINFO pays particular attention to human rights and social justice issues affecting communities leaving in regions where large economic projects are implemented, namely extractive industries, or communities leaving in natural disasters-torn regions, resulting from climate change.

In light of this view, CIVILINFO prioritizes the collection, processing and circulation of quality information on economic, social, environmental and other impacts resulting from oil and gas projects, mining, forestry, marine and other natural resources extractive activities, apart from climate change related issues, through phenomena such as floods, storms and droughts hitting Mozambique very frequently.

In line with this purpose, CIVILINFO works in partnership with different civil society organizations, independent research institutions and in particular the Civil Society Platform on Natural Resources and Extractive Industry,  citizens and local communities carrying out relevant activities in those fields.

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CIVLINFO is a not-for-profit general interest news agency, endowed with editorial autonomy, non-partisan and independent of any external interests, of political, governmental, economic, and financial or any other nature. 

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CIVILINFO has its national headquarters in Maputo and may open offices or representations in other regions of the country or abroad.

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CIVILINFO’s mission is to collect process and disseminate information of general interest, addressing issues of human rights and social justice, with civil society organizations, active citizens and disadvantaged groups of rural and suburban communities as its main sources and target groups. 

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(Dissemination and access to information)

 CIVILINFO promotes and defends the widest citizens’ access to the information, through providing them quality information using free access platforms.

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In the development of its activities, CIVILINFO observes, promotes and advocates:

a)       The fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique and in the Law, in particular the Press Law, the Right to Information Law;

b)       Pluralism of ideas and social justice.

c)       The free and full democratic participation of citizens in the political life of the Nation;

d)       Citizen’s rights to freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the right to information;

e)       The voice of women, the poor, young people and the most disadvantaged groups of rural and suburban communities;

f)        Free circulation and open debate of ideas representing different currents of opinion;

g)       Respect for the dignity of the human person; Honor, good name and private life of citizens.